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Robocoff is a dynamically developing cafe chain, famous for freshly roasted high-quality coffee beans.
The cafe menu includes: ice cream, espresso, hot chocolate, cocoa and other drinks.
The huge number of consumers drink coffee several times a day. It revitalizes, refreshes the mind and increases your energy. So why not to start making money on it? Moreover, the average markup on coffee is 400-500 %. Coffee is the best-selling product in the world after petroleum!
The capital to cover investment costs associated with joining the café chain.
Rent of the area (4 m2 optimally) in the Shopping Mall, Business Center, at the airport / bus or railway station, anywhere! With a lot of people.
Buy a Robocoff kiosk.
No need working experience in the field of catering.
Robocoff offers its franchisees full support to facilitate the start of the business and ensure a stable and sustainable income.

Help in choosing directions and evaluating the potential of the local market.
Robocoff Technology – Robot-Barista
Provides the know-how and operational standards in the field of maintaining and managing a coffee business.
Exceptional and verified supplier with preferential terms of trade.
Complete franchisee training package
Advertising and graphic materials.